Our Services

4K Custom Home Theatre & Media Rooms
If you have a home theatre in mind, we can make it come to life. Show us your space and we'll recommend the ideal solution within your budget.


Multi-room Audio/Video
Ever dreamed of a home with crystal clear audio in every room? Let us make this a a reality. Would you like to centralize and/or share your video sources? Out of sight and out of mind, we can make this happen.


Lighting Automation
Let us set up your home so that all of your lighting can be manipulated from one simple control. With various scenes, pick the mood with a push of a button.


CCTV Security Systems & Integration
Cutting edge home security with high definition security video. Watching TV and the doorbell rings? No need to worry, the TV or remote will show you who is at the door


HVAC Automation
Control your home's temperature with the touch of a button, whether you’re around the corner or half way around the world. Going to the cottage? Now you can warm up the place before arriving.


Network, Telephone and Cable Wiring
Moving in to a new home, or renovating? We can wire your home so that you have the ultimate flexibility later on.


Outdoor Lifestyle Systems
Looking to add sound to the backyard? We can plan and install a system  to make your dream backyard come to life.


Golf Simulator
Master the greens in the comfort of your home. With our custom installed golf simulators, you can golf your favourite courses from around the world without ever leaving your home.